Cookie Policy


This “Cookie Policy” aims to provide information on how the website manages cookies and processes the personal data of its users.
Cookies are small data files that allow to compare new visitors with previous visitors and determine how users navigate the website.
Based on the purposes of who sets them, cookies can be divided in two main categories: "technical cookies" and "profiling cookies".
Depending on whether they are installed on the user's terminal by the website operator/editor or a third party, they are categorised as "first-party cookies" or "third-party cookies" respectively.

Technical cookies
They are used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communication network or as strictly necessary to allow the service provider to provide the information explicitly requested by the subscriber or user.
Technical cookies include:
•    browsing or session cookies, which allow to browse and use the website (for example, make a purchase, or log in to reserved sections);
•    analytical cookies, comparable to technical cookies when used directly by the website operator to collect information, in aggregate format, on the number of users and their browsing patterns;
•    functionality cookies, which allow to browse the website based on selected criteria (for example, language or products selected), and aim to improve the service offered.
These cookies are not used for any other purpose and are normally installed by the website owner or operator.

Profiling Cookies
Designed to create user profiles, they are used to send targeted advertising messages based on the preferences expressed by the user during online navigation.

Third-Party Cookies
These cookies are installed on the user's terminal during online navigation by subjects other than the site operator/editor.
The user must be adequately informed of the use of this kind of cookie and must provide a valid consent to their use.  As required by the Data Protection Authority, companies that use cookies to create user profiles, for marketing or profiling purposes, must inform users accessing their websites. In particular, when visitors access the home page or any other page of a website, they must immediately be shown a cookie consent banner, clearly indicating that the website uses cookies to monitor users and send targeted advertising messages and whether this data is shared with other subjects. In other words, the banner must clearly indicate: 1) that the website uses profiling cookies to send targeted advertising messages; 2) that the website allows "third-party" cookies, i.e. cookies installed by a different website via the website they are currently visiting; 3) a link to a more detailed policy, with information on the use of the cookies sent by the website, where users will be able to refuse consent to their installation directly, or in the case of "third-party" cookies, by visiting the relevant websites; 4) that by continuing to browse the website (for example, by going to a different section or selecting an image or a link), they consent to the use of cookies.


With regard to the categories of cookies and definitions mentioned above, the user is informed that this website:
a)    uses technical cookies to provide a better user experience and make it easier to find information by simplifying the connection and data transmission between the user and the website;
b)    does not use profiling or marketing cookies;
Technical cookies do not collect any personal information or data that may identify users. Cookies may be disabled from the settings section of the user's browser, choosing to delete all cookies or setting up a warning message when cookies are saved. By continuing to use the website the user accepts the existing cookie settings.
PLEASE NOTE: disabling technical cookies may affect the interaction with the website and result in a less pleasant navigation experience.

For more information about cookies, please visit the relevant section on the Data Protection Authority  website.